The Best Deodorant Creams: You Can’t Go Wrong With These 8 Creams

deodorant creams

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option and do not prefer aerosol and stick deodorants, deodorant cream is a great alternative to help you get through your day stink-free, while not causing any damage. In the table below are listed eight deodorant creams that are customers’ favorites and… Read more »

Explore Naturals Deodorants

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Natural Deodorant

Explore Naturals has 2 deodorant series – Performance, and Baking Soda-free – which are available in multiple scents that are mild and mellow, and also in unscented versions. Both these series are gender-neutral and are formulated to suit different skin types, without the use of harmful substances and cruelty to… Read more »

Best Men’s Deodorants for Sensitive Skin in 2020

Best Deodorant for sensitive skin

For people with sensitive skin or having any allergies, finding a deodorant is a pretty difficult task. Men with easily irritated skin generally have limited options while choosing a deodorant. Some ingredients might not be suitable and may cause chemical burns that make the skin flare-up. Fortunately, it’s nothing to… Read more »