I know what you’re thinking… why does this site exist?

Today’s deodorant scents are incredibly confusing. With deodorant names like “Bearglove”, “Phoenix”, “Denali”, and “Adventure” most of us truly have no idea what a deodorant is going to smell like when we buy it. We end up spending 20 minutes in the deodorant aisle testing every scent, only to bring it home and find out that when we actually apply the deodorant, it smells entirely different! And buying a deodorant online is even worse, how are we supposed to know what the hell “Hawkridge” smells like?!

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This site is going to change that.

So next time you see a “Bearglove v. Timber” commercial on TV and wonder what in the world these two scents could possibly smell like, come read all about them right here at Deodorant-Reviews.com!

Terms Glossary

This is the list of terms I use to review the Deodorants:

Scent – What it smells like.
Sillage – Describes the ability of a scent to emanate from the wearer and penetrate a room with its fragrance (how strongly other people can smell you). It also describes the “trail” of scent left behind. This is very similar to “projection”, or how far a fragrance projects from the wearer, although some would argue that they are entirely different things.
Layer-ability – How well the scent lends itself to blending with other scents (cologne, shampoo, body spray, hair product, etc)
Longevity – How long the scent lasts.
Manliness Level – How much of a jacked, bearded, whiskey-drinking, motorcycle-riding badass you smell like.

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