Best Feminine Hygiene Deodorant Sprays

We all have to exercise personal hygiene. But ladies have to go that extra mile in keeping clean and smelling fresh. The chemistry and the hormonal changes in a woman’s body demand proper personal hygiene.

In the past I had some problems with smelling in my lower regions, and some deodorants I was using wern’t really working so well. I’ve tested each of the deodorants listed in this guide for at least 1 month. I found that Vagisil’s odour Block pack deodorant for women was by far the best and I’ve continuned using in the past 6 months. Although any of the deodorant’s mentioned on this I can vouch will work very well for your feminine needs. 

Editors Favorite

Perfeve for any Vaginal smells, Vagisil will keep your privet parts odour freee without breaking the bank. The perfect Feminine hygiene spray.

2nd Best Choice

FDS is a natrural feminine deodorant spray, completelyHypoallergenic so you won’t have to worry about any nastry chemicals. 

3rd Best Choice

Lume’s perfect for any womens private partrs, as it’s gentle on your skin and it’s brings with it the best smelling frangrances. 

Vagisil Odor Block Multipack for Women

Editors Favorite

Vagisil freshening spray has the specific formulation that adapts it to the lady’s private parts.

To suit everyone the feminine deodorant comes in 5 different scents; tropical rain, baby powder, ultra, island splash, and the Tahitian sunset.

And to those who delight in unscented sprays the Summers Eve freshening spray ultra suits them.

Its vitamin E ingredient helps to keep your skin smooth feeling. On the other hand, the hypoallergenic property ensures that it blends well with the sensitive feminine part.

Furthermore, it’s talc-free. And since it has undergone clinical testing and gynecologist approvals, you can attest to its high quality.

To the thick ladies with little or no gasp between their thighs, the deodorant’s moisture absorbent quality comes to their rescue.

The ph natural balance of the ladies private part is of utmost importance. So, Summer’s Eve gives you the deodorant that doesn’t alter its ph.

  • One wipe lasts 7 days
  • One pack lasts two months
  • Value for money
  • Clinical strength
  • Upfront price is high

FDS Hypoallergenic Intimate Female Deodorant Spray

2nd Best Choice

The extra strength deodorant spray promises to give you all day freshness. The 2 ounce feminine spray fits all seasons.

Apply it in your undergarment, and it will keep you fresh for a more extended period.

When heavy sweating produces the disgusting smell, the FDS deodorant offers help. It has got the extra strength for those built women who sweat profusely.

And being that it’s hypoallergenic; it’s safe to use on your sensitive skin.

The deodorant has no talcum powder and has the approval of many gynecologists. Owing to its 2-ounce weight, you can store it in your lady’s handbag. So you won’t miss it while in the office, traveling or when the sudden need arises.

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  • Over applying can cause skin irritation
  • Made for people suffering from Hyperhidrosis or any who sufferers from serious excessive sweating

Lume Natural Deodorant - Underarms and Private Parts

3rd Best Choice

If the smell emanating from your body causes people to give you suspicious look, then you need the feminine hygiene deodorant.

Your body structure and weight could be contributing factors. The reputable brand, Summer’s Eve freshening spray offers you relief from such embarrassment.

During that time of the month when you aren’t sure of the smell from your genitals, Summer’s Eve comes to your rescue.

The deodorant absorbs moisture and also neutralizes the putrid odor. That leaves you fresh smelling even from the undergarment.

The vagina and its surrounding are extra sensitive. So you need to apply the spray with tested ingredients. Thatâ’s where the 59 ml island splash comes in.

Having undergone the clinical testing and met the gynecologists approval; its quality is certain. Furthermore, it has no talcum powder, and it’s hypoallergenic too.

That makes it less likely to cause itchiness. On the contrary, its daily use makes the skin smooth owing to the vitamin e constituent. Besides, it won’t interfere with the natural vaginal ph status. So are you going for a long trip, a date or to the gym? You need to smell fresh and have confidence. The feminine deodorant has the portable design to suit such occasions.

  • 7 day protection
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Customer who overapplied the antiperspirant complained of skin irritation

Clean Coochy by All Natural: "On The Go" Feminine Spray

The all natural feminine spray neutralizes bad odor quickly. Unlike other brands which use harsh chemicals, the odor neutralizer incorporates natural ingredients like;

  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin C
  • Lavender oil
  • Cedar vinegar

Therefore it fits the natural feminine hygiene use. The all natural feminine spray has the fast acting formula. Therefore you can apply it and get the fresh feeling following urination, before or after intimacy. The yeast infection in the female genital area causes itchiness. The intimate odor neutralizer eliminates such contamination thus giving relief from the constant urge to scratch.

Furthermore, it penetrates the skin and fights the bacteria causing the offensive smell, hidden beneath the surface. But even though it fights the bacteria and yeast infections, it doesn’t alter the natural ph balance of the vaginal area. The deodorant is simple to apply. You spray it at about 8 inches away from your private parts. Then you wipe the area a few minutes later. And when cleaning your whole body, it’s easy to wash off.

  • It employs the natural ingredients
  • Eliminates the lousy odor and fights yeast infection too
  • Easy to apply within minutes
  • It takes a while to bring relief from yeast infection; about three days
  • For best results, you have to use it more than once a day.

Vagi-Pal Super Fresh Natural Vaginal Deodorant, Vagina Odor Eliminator

Are you worried about the constant putrefying smell from your genital region? Don’t just use the ordinary masking smell deodorant. Go for the Vagi-Pal odor eliminator for a longer lasting solution. It reaches down to the yeast, fungus and the bacteria causing the putrid smell. On the other hand ph imbalance of the vaginal area attracts infections. The Vagi-Pal deodorant restores the PH balance.

And it does so without causing any itchiness to the sensitive region. That’s because it uses natural ingredients like the organic vanilla, lavender, coconut, garlic, and strawberry. Furthermore, the deodorant is friendly to the sensitive genital region. It gives the soothing and fresh smell to the undergarment and its surrounding.

So to the lady with big thighs, troubled by sweat, and bad odor, the deodorant promises all-day freshness. Using the feminine spray keeps away those fishy smells worsened by hot weather. So, when going for a date, keep the Vagi-Pal hygiene spray in your pouch. A quick application before getting intimate will give you confidence and keep your man longing for more of you.

  • Fights both the lousy odor, fungal and bacterial infections
  • Daily use keeps the vulva region and the undergarment fresh.
  • It brings back the vaginal ph balance.
  • Produces the vinegar-like smell

Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray Tropical Rain

The Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene deodorant is meant for the sensitive parts.So it blends isobutene, corn, lanolin and mineral oil. The result is a formulation that is friendly to all types of skin. Many deodorants use the secret formulas scent with no known scent ingredients. The summer’s eve formula has passed the clinical tests and gynecologist approval. It employs the fragrances that meet the quality standards. So it won’t disrupt your vaginal ph nor cause itching.

As the day’s heat intensifies and sweating increases, the summer deodorant ensures you are comfortable. It quickly absorbs the sweats and neutralizes terrible odor. So you can apply it to the undergarment, pads or private parts. Doing so eliminates the bad smell and gives you fresh feeling confidence.

The Tropical Rain spray leaves the fresh feeling of light baby powder on your private parts and undergarment. Moreover, it has the vitamin E to nourish and give you the smooth feeling skin. Apply it early in the morning after showering, and the light baby powder scent keeps you fresh all day long.

  • It’s a quality product that has undergone clinical testing
  • It’s hypoallergenic and talc-free
  • Has moisture absorbing ability
  • Gives the skin smooth feeling
  • Gives out the frozen blast spray

KUSHAE Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray

Even amidst hot days, workouts and periods, you can still keep fresh in your private parts with the natural feminine deodorant spray. Using the plant-based formula the KUSHAE feminine deodorant offers you the fresh smell any time of the day or the month. It employs the gentle and skin-friendly ingredients that you can use daily. Its composition includes arrowroot powder, aloe Vera gel, baking powder, deionized water, and radish root ferment.

Unlike other deodorants that use strange fragrances to mask the bad odor, KUSHAE’s formula is free from aluminum, parabens, talc, and fragrances.

Therefore it rightly fits use on a lady’s most sensitive part. Considering its plant-based formula it should, in general, fit the sensitive skin use. In its composition, this deodorant incorporates de-ionized water thus achieving the PH balanced formula. Furthermore, this feminine deodorant is gynecologist tested and approved. Thus you can apply it underneath your private part without any fear. Instead of using the aerosol spray this deodorant uses the water-based pump spray which registers the light texture on the skin. By using the aloe gel, the product not only moisturizes but keeps the skin soft too.

  • Uses the plant-based formula
  • Fragrance-free
  • It has the PH balanced formula
  • Packed in an easy to use and environment-friendly pump
  • Free from divisive ingredients like aluminum, talc, and parabens
  • Some don’t like the fact it doesn’t have any fragrance

Vagi-Pal Coconut Vagina Odor Relief Spray

A foul smell from your private part will surely deprive you of the confidence to get intimate with your partner or even mingle with the crowd freely. Vagi pal comes to your rescue during such moments. And better still it registers quick results.

This feminine hygiene deodorant combats fishy smell from the vagina and awards you the fresh smell all day. Whether the smell is due to sex, menstruation, sex lubricants, and yeast infection, it promises you quick relief. Instead of masking the smell, it addresses the root cause of the problem; attacking the odor-causing bacteria. Vagi-Pal Coconut Vagina Odor Relief Spray uses natural ingredients like coconut, lemon, vitamin C, vitamin E, tea tree, turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar.

Apart from the natural ingredients mentioned above, it doesn’t incorporate any irritating chemical. Instead, it eliminates the bad vaginal smell soothes the skin and awards you the fresh smell. When yeast infections and other factors have disrupted your vaginal PH value, this feminine deodorant restores it to its natural state.

  • Fast-acting
  • Eliminates the bacteria rather than masking the foul smell
  • Contains vitamin C and E that nourishes the skin too
  • Its size may not fit the extra small lady handbags easily.

Causes of Bad Vaginal Smells

Occasional bad smell from the vagina is normal. However, when the fishy smell persists then you have a reason to worry. When the fishy smell is accompanied by itchiness and strange discharge, it’s evident it’s an infection or something that has gone wrong.Here are the common causes of the foul smell coming from between your thighs;

Sweating especially from the hidden thigh’s region contributes to the bad smell. But it’s also one of the most sensitive areas. So the chemicals that you use around your vulva region matters a lot.The feminine hygiene deodorant is a woman’s indispensable need. Whether you are going on a date, preparing to get intimate, or having a period, you would wish to have an appealing scent.



So are you looking for that feminine deodorant with proven performance? The spray that fits in your purse, you can apply anywhere at any time?


Infections top the list of the most common reasons for the putrid odor. The contamination can either be due to bacteria, yeast or other diseases.
Usually, the infections are accompanied by a strange smell, whitish or yellowish foamy discharge.
For instance, a yeast infection will bring along a thick white discharge as well as itchiness. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic medication.

Sweat in the private parts

Some activities force excessive sweats from your body. So during such times, the same happens to the groin region.
Higher body weights also aggravate the problem. The sweaty oil excreted from these parts leads to the foul smell

Hormonal changes

During menstruation, the vaginal discharges may lead to a slightly unpleasant odor.
Similarly, many women experience smelly discharge oozing from their genitals. These cases happen due to the feminine hormonal changes at these times.

How to Prevent Poor Vagina Odours

Choosing the best feminine hygiene deodorant will help you fight the wrong scent. However, at first, you might try out a few sprays to check how it reacts with your body. Although some women like the scented deodorants, others like the unscented ones; it all depends on your personal preference. Besides, there are more ways to keep fresh in your groins;

Maintain good personal hygiene

The hidden body parts accumulate many sweats. So use your washcloth and gentle soap to clean the area around your genitals. Keep off the scented soaps or body wash. Such detergent might alter the natural ph balance of the vagina and give you more problems. After an exhausting exercise or heavy sweating, it is better to take a bath to refresh your body. Similarly, after the sexual union, clean your genitals with plain water to remove the external secretions. Lastly after visiting the toilet, wipe from front to back. Such a style discourages the spread of the fecal excretes into the vagina.

Keep off tight clothing

Wearing tight clothing like, swimwear and thong underwear promote the putrid odor. They trap the sweat, discharge and leaked semen from the previous intercourse. Besides, the tight clothes are not breathable. Instead, go for the not so tight fitting underwear. Preferably choose pure cotton innerwear. Such clothing is breathable and absorbs moisture quickly. Stay away from synthetic materials. Change your undergarment daily or as soon as you notice it’s sweaty.

Stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet

Water plays a crucial role in eliminating the waste matter from the body. Thus it’s important to drink more fluids so as stay hydrated. Doing so supports the healthy sweating and overall vaginal health. Also, you have to eat a balanced diet. Ensure your meals have fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.



A woman, who wishes to earn respect from others, has to mind about the smell that comes from her body all the time. Maintaining proper personal hygiene is, therefore, a must. The above feminine hygiene deodorants help you to have that appealing scent. 
The sprays bestow on you the smell and freshness that command respect. Bad odor from the body invites suspicious looks and discourages the confidence of being in a crowd. One primary source of that stench is heavy sweating. That’s why you need the feminine hygiene deodorant spray.
So go through the reviews. Scrutinize each product. When you find one that matches your needs, give it a try and let’s hear your feedback!

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