Old Spice Wolfthorn Review


  Want to smell like Trident Tropical Twist? Scent: 4/10 Notes: tropical fruits, orange soda, fruity, sharp, jelly beans Sillage: High Layer-ability: Low Longevity: 9/10 Manliness Level: 1/10 Check Latest Price on Amazon This deodorant is all tropical fruit. If a woman was wearing this, I think I’d like it a lot. There’s also a […]

Old Spice Timber Review


Old Spice Timber Review If you’re looking to unleash your inner woodsman, you’ll want to try the Old Spice Timber line of products! It’s part of Old Spice’s Fresher Collection, which is inspired by the great outdoors and offers fresh, clean, and masculine scents. Old Spice Timber products are described to have a mix of […]

Old Spice Foxcrest Review

foxcrest review

Want to smell like a Christmas tree? This perfume has a very strong scent that lasts a long time. It’s not my go to, but everyone is different, right?! Here’ a bit more about this deodorant and who might it be for. So if you’re a nature lover, you might like the Old Spice Foxcrest […]

Old Spice Denali Review

old spice denali

Denali brings back memories of the popular early 2000s Axe body sprays. Light, clean, crisp, citrus, and SYNTHETIC smelling! There is an allure to that synthetic smell that I personally find enjoyable. This deodorant brings back the memories. Denali is a scent that plays well with others. It has an affinity for perfumes like A&F […]

Old Spice Fiji Review


You might be itching to go on a tropical vacation but don’t yet have the budget for it. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is to use Old Spice Fiji products. This way, you can send your senses to a tropical paradise without splurging on a pricey plane ticket or […]

Old Spice Hawkridge Review

oldspice hawkridge

Want to smell like a piña colada? Scent: 1/10 Notes: Coconut, dark rum, sugar, pineapple, amber, wood notes, piña colada Sillage: Moderate Layer-ability: None Longevity: 7/10 Manliness Level: 3/10 Check Latest Price on Amazon I hope you like piña coladas, because that’s what this smells like. I rather like the smell of this deodorant in […]

Old Spice Bearglove Review


  Want to smell like a Jolly Rancher candy? Scent: 6/10 Notes: cherry candy, watermelon candy, soap, fruity, aromatic, a sort-of fresh laundry-ish undertone, cough syrup. Sillage: Moderate Layer-ability: Low Longevity: 10/10 Manliness Level: 2/10 Check Latest Price on Amazon This is NOT a scent for the commanding man as Old Spice would have you […]

Old Spice Swagger Scent Men’s Deodorant Review


If you’re an avid Old Spice fan who’s looking for something a bit different, try the Swagger scent from the Red Zone Collection. Like most Old Spice deodorants, Swagger has a manly scent that will add to your masculine appeal. It’s a great way to smell fresh and clean without feeling like you drowned yourself […]

Old Spice High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant Review

pure sport

  Fans of Old Spice products will definitely want to try its High Endurance Pure Sport Deodorant. This stick deodorant features the well-loved fragrance of the Pure Sport product line and will leave you with a crisp, clean scent that lasts the whole day. It also provides 24-hour protection, so you won’t have to worry […]