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Want to smell like Trident Tropical Twist?
Scent: 4/10
Notes: tropical fruits, orange soda, fruity, sharp, jelly beans
Sillage: High
Layer-ability: Low
Longevity: 9/10
Manliness Level: 1/10
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This deodorant is all tropical fruit. If a woman was wearing this, I think I’d like it a lot. There’s also a sharpness and bitterness to the scent that makes it stand out. Like all of Old Spice’s Wild Collection, Wolfthorn is a one-dimensional powerhouse that doesn’t blend well with things unlike itself.

It lasts a very long time and will definitely keep you from stinking up the place with B.O.

In the end, I have to think there were a lot of women in Old Spice’s focus groups, because to release this and Bearglove as mens deodorants is kind of silly. If you can bring yourself to stand the smell, I’m sure women will think you smell good. In my smell tests with women they all seem to enjoy it!

So there you have it, tropical fruitiness in a deodorant stick!

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