Old Spice Wolfthorn Review

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Want to smell like Trident Tropical Twist?

Scent: 4/10
Notes: tropical fruits, orange soda, fruity, sharp, jelly beans
Sillage: High
Layer-ability: Low
Longevity: 9/10
Manliness Level: 1/10
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This deodorant is all tropical fruit. If a woman was wearing this, I think I’d like it a lot. There’s also a sharpness and bitterness to the scent that makes it stand out. Like all of Old Spice’s Wild Collection, Wolfthorn is a one-dimensional powerhouse that doesn’t blend well with things unlike itself.

It lasts a very long time and will definitely keep you from stinking up the place with B.O.

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In the end, I have to think there were a lot of women in Old Spice’s focus groups, because to release this and Bearglove as mens deodorants is kind of silly. If you can bring yourself to stand the smell, I’m sure women will think you smell good. In my smell tests with women they all seem to enjoy it!

So there you have it, tropical fruitiness in a deodorant stick!

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15 thoughts on “Old Spice Wolfthorn Review

  1. Carl

    I like it. In fact, that watermelon-y note (or whatever it is) is what attracted me the most. IMO, I don’t think it’s overwhelmingly candy-ish… After all, it’s deodorant, so the smell isn’t too loud unless I start to sweat. So far, a favorite of mine. (I really can’t stand Timber, it smells like a very soapy shower!)

  2. Carl

    After wearing it a few days, I can describe Wolfthorn in 2 words: fruit punch. Wolfthorn smells EXACTLY like fruit punch.

  3. Mark

    I like this a lot. Smells sweet like strawberries with a few other fruitellas thrown in. I would definitely consider buying an EDT version, albeit with one or two more masculine basetones added.

  4. Shaun

    Personally I’m a fan. It reminds me of orange Fanta and clementines. The sweet fruity notes are tangy and sharp enough not to come across as feminine. It’s a bold scent, stands out very prominently and lasts a long-ass time.

    If I had to pair it with something I would say it would match up with JPG’s Le Male with its sweet bergamot notes, as it would be balanced out by its softer, more woody base notes that would ground the tanginess.

  5. NATHAn

    I want this scent in a high quality eau de toilette/ parfum. Awesome scent. Sweet, yet clean and vibrant. Please help me locate something similar. Sick of smelling cedar trees, flannel and spice colognes.

  6. Denny Kharmann

    I think it smells EXACTLY like Hawaiian Punch. I tested the theory with five people, asking them to close their eyes and think of a scent from their childhood, then let them smell it. Five out of five said Hawaiian Punch, which validated my thoughts. The best scent of this is in the deodorant. The antiperspirant was similar but not the same scent. Ditto for the shower gel, and ditto for the body spray. They’re similar but not the same as the deodorant. I like the scent, and it’s not feminine – it comes off as lightly sweet and clean. I wish they could have kept the scents the same between all the Wolfthorn products but they are all a bit different.

    1. It Smell like Hawaiian Punch

      Hawaiian Punch powder dust. I was gonna say Kool-aid….but it’s definitely Hawaiian Punch!

  7. Alex

    Uhhh “bring myself to enjoy it” ?
    I love this deodorant. I wish guys had more fruity smells available to them. My girlfriend can’t get over this deodorant it’s her favorite. I’ve also had luck playing the field with it. Just smells fruity to me.

  8. Adam B

    I started using this when it first came out 6-7 tears ago, and it’s the only deodorant I’ve used ever since. I think it smells like Skittles, and I love it. I wish the body wash and/or spray smelled the same.

  9. Mysterie

    Wolfthorn is actually my favorite. I hate woman’s deodorants. None of them work for me. Wolfthorn is the only kind that I thought smelled good and actually worked for me. It does smell pretty feminine if I’m being honest but so what? It’s deodorant. Use what you want.


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